"Whenever in doubt about your job, ask yourself, how many lives did I touch today?"

About uFaber

To create a utopian education ecosystem, by breaking rigid walls of timetable and classroom, placing the student in the center of it all, powered by an engine called “passionate teachers”.

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

  • Education has to be Result Driven
  • Education must be personalized
  • Education must be affordable

We are uFaber: The A-Team

The Founders on going against common wisdom

In 2014 when faced with a tough question – How do you teach a teacher to be passionate? Rohit had an epiphany of sorts, “Let us find passionate people and make them subject matter experts”. General wisdom said it was better to look at it as an HR problem, and focus must be on recruiting the “right people”. But something felt right about empowering passionate people. Anirudh found new light when the most of these passionate individuals and future trainers were women, who braved out of their careers to do more for their family and now had the burning desire to jump back in action. uFaber was born.

Rohit and Anirudh, both college mates from IIT Bombay have been in the education space for over a decade and created several products, but undoubtedly feel most proud about going against most common sense and making uFaber a reality.

Today we are 500+ passionate individuals turned trainers