How do we Ensure Learning?

Our Pedagogy follows a 4 Step Process


Step 1

Our Instruction is delivered using Video Content, This helps us shorten the Feedback loop and allows us to cover any amount of syllabus in the shortest Time-Frame possible. We extensively research and develop strategies for Question-Solving along with Original Tests that check the application of strategies presented in the videos.


Step 2

It is natural to have doubts while learning anything new, this is where Personal Mentorship comes in. Each student is paired with a Personal Mentor/Trainer who provides doubt solving support as well as ensures adherence to the study plan so the student can complete the curriculum well within time. Sessions with the Mentor/Trainer take place through video calling applications like Skype etc


Step 3

The application of Knowledge is the ultimate test of learning. Carefully and meticulously created Assessment and Evaluation tests, conducted at predefined intervals of the study plan accomplish this. If any gaps in Knowledge/Learning are found the concept/strategy needs to be given more attention and practice.

Adaptive Study Planning

Step 4

Planning is the basic requirement for success in Learning anything. Many students fail because of not being able to plan for their Learning Outcome/Goal. We Develop and provide a detailed Study Plan for every course. This Study plan contains Milestone Tests which help in checking any learners course progress. It is continuously customized iteratively by the mentor to ensure that the student covers all important topics during the course and is ready for any exam!

The Comparison

Online VS Offline

  • Customized for Each Learner
  • No Geographical Limitation
  • Content can be viewed multiple times
  • No need of traveling
  • Personalised Doubt Solving
  • Access to the Best Instructors
  • Limited Customization
  • Limited by Geography
  • A lecture can be attended only once
  • Arduous Travel Required
  • Minimum Personal Attention
  • Questionable Quality of Instruction