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What will you get?

High Quality Video Content

Personal Mentor

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  • Basic Mathematical Tools
    • Algebra and Mesuration
    • Trigonometry
    • Differentiation
    • Integration
    • Depreciation
  • Trigonometry
    • Trigonometric Identities
    • Trigonometric Equations
    • Height and Distance
    • Solution of triangle
    • Inverse trigonometry
  • Co-ordinate Systems
    • Straight Line
    • Circle
    • Parabola
    • Ellipse
    • Hyperbola
  • Calculus
    • Functions
    • Limits
    • Continuity
    • Differentiability
    • Differentiation
    • Application of derivative
    • Indefinite integration
    • Definite integration
    • Area under curve
    • Differential Equation
  • Algebra 11th class
    • Inequalities
    • Exponential and Logarithm
    • Quadratic Equation
    • Sequence and Series
    • Binomial Theorem
    • Permutation and Combination
  • Algebra 12th class
    • Complex number
    • Probability
    • Vector
    • 3-D
    • Determinants
    • Matrics

Sample Content

  • Derivative

  • Integration

  • Maxima and Minima


The course is developed after a lot of research on JEE pattern and syllabus. The research is not just limited to people who clear the exam but also involves the analysis of 1000 students who could not clear the exam. The development and mentoring of the course is Headed by Rajiv Jain Sir (IIT bombay-2002-Electrical) along with Anirudh Swarnkar (IITB Mech), Gaurav Jasoria (IITB Chem), Atul Jain (IITK Civil) and Apurva Mathur (IITB Civil). All the faculties have combined experience of over 30 years in teaching JEE students and producing rankers.


This is the most comprehensive course for Maths that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus for Maths in IIT JEE.
  • Mathematics for IIT JEE 10000.0

    This package contains all the content for Mathematics syllabus. You get following things in this package.

    • Over 175 hours of video lectures to understand all the topics in Mathematics.
    • Access of video lectures on Pen drive, online and mobile app.
    • Unlimited doubt solving support via discussion forum.
    • Weekly live online classes with the faculty to solve all your content related doubts.
    • Practice tests and Mock tests. (Tests start 3 months before JEE mains)
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    Valid till JEE advanced 2016

Why should you learn from ufaber?

Other Classes Ufaber course
Classroom size Crowded classrooms No classroom, Its just you!
Personal attention Not possible at all 1 to 1 learning
Faculty quality Good, if you are lucky or rich! Best faculty for everyone
Accesibility Waste a lot of time and energy in travelling to the class No travelling, anytime anywhere access.
Content quality You hardly get any content High quality content in video format
Teaching style Varies from teacher to teacher Well researched teaching methodology
Revision time No time for revision in the class Learn and revise at your own pace, everyday!
Flexbility Very rigid system Completely customized as per your needs
Study planning and discipline Its upto you! Its on us!

Student Testimonials

  • I had the chance to be mentored by Rajiv Sir during my preparation. I did my coaching from KOTA, but I give equal credit to Rajiv sir and His techniques to attack problems, otherwise, I would not have landed in IIT Bombay.

    Anshul Jain

  • I am taking this course along with my coaching class. I am currently in 12th standard and I am confident about my Maths but my chemistry is weak for which I have studied solely from these videos. In physics I have seen only two major topics - Electro and Optics, and both are very well covered.

    Vipul Munot

  • The videos are high quality. Not only is the voice is clear, just like a real classroom, but I can use my headphones too. The coverage is very good, I just watch his videos and make notes based on it. I don't refer to any extra books.

    Vivek Kumar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be taught in this course?
    This course is video based course. These videos have high quality content from basic concepts to JEE level theory and problem solving. To gain the most from them you must not only watch them with complete concentration, but make notes alongside.
  • How are these videos better than the classroom teaching?
    Apart from the fact that the course is created by one of the most renowned faculty for JEE in the country, you can study the concepts at your own pace. You can pause, playback even ask specific doubts while watching the video. When was the last time your top faculty held a class only for you?
  • Is problem solving also taught through videos?
    More than that! Rajiv sir has covered concepts and problem solving approaches devised by him over 13 years of research and experience while working with toppers. Though the top notch coaching classes in the country sometimes come close to this type of coverage, it is rare to get the kind of one on one expertise we provide.
  • What if I have doubts while solving questions?
    Any kind of doubts can be posted to us via phone, mail, chat or our own portal and it will be solved with immediate effect.
  • What if I have doubts while solving questions?
    Any kind of doubts can be posted to us via phone, mail, chat or our own portal and it will be solved with immediate effect.
  • Can I take this course if I have already joined a coaching class?
    Definitely yes! These videos will take care of the shortcomings of you coaching class, whatever they might be. What if the Organic chemistry teacher of your class is not especially good. These videos will take care of the lack you would feel in the subject.
  • How does this course offer a better chance to clear JEE?
    The same way solving Irodov offers a better chance. Using these videos you can target your weaker chapters, which in the end could be the difference between you and your peers.
  • How will I be provided doubt solving support?
    You will receive videos of solutions for all problem solving doubts. For conceptual doubts you will be interacting live with our faculty and mentors.
  • Will I be assigned a mentor? What does he do?
    Mentors are current or ex-IItians. These mentor take care of all your doubts and are geared to specifically answer any query you might have. They will also ensure that a special class is organized for you if there is a need. Lastly, they will help you discover the motivation for your goal – JEE.