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This is the most comprehensive course that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus for GATE ME 2017.

  • General aptitude 15h 20m 43
  • Engineering Mathematics 10h 51m 47s
  • Engineering Mechanics 2h 0m 23s
  • Strength of Materials 5h 22m 4s
  • Theory ​of Machines 5h 35m 2s
  • Design of Machine Elements 3h 58m 29s
  • Vibrations 2h 20m 46s
  • Fluid Mechanics 4h 20m 45s
  • Thermodynamics 3h 48m 36s
  • Heat Transfer 2h 35m 32s
  • Manufacturing Science 3h 40m 35s
  • Industrial Engineering 2h59m12s
  • Refrigeration and Air conditioning 4h 47m 52s
  • Material science 1h 58m 0s

Sample Content

  • Strength of Materials

  • Strength of Materials: Complex Stresses

  • Calculus-1

How it works?

Once you enroll in the course the following things happen:
  • You are assigned a mentor who designs a personalized schedule for you and interacts with you almost everyday to ensure that schedule is followed.
  • You have online as well as offline access to video lectures, study notes, practice test and all the content that you would need for the preparation.
  • You go through the content as per the schedule and prepare your notes or list your doubts.
  • You attend live classes to solve your doubts and get better concept clarity.
  • The mentor analyses your performance in practice tests and accordingly makes improvisation in your study plan.
  • Compare yourself with other co-learners in mock tests and discussion forums.
  • You get all this personalized service and high quality content without wasting time and money in travelling.

How do you want to learn?

This is the most comprehensive course that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus for GATE ME.
  • Mentor led package 12000.0

    Learn with an expert trainer with personal attention.

    • 7​0+ hours of Video lectures (​​Online & DVD​ access​)
    • Printed study material (Notes)​
    • 10​0+ Online practice tests with ​3​000+​ questions​
    • 40 one to one classes with the mentor at your convenience
    • Weekly doubt solving classes with head faculty
    • 5 Mock tests​
    • Continuous interaction with mentor on WhatsApp group
    • Personalized weekly study planning by the mentor
    • Score booster (15 days of extensive revision and practice before the exam in personal guidance of faculty)​
    • Validity of Mentorship till 1st March 2017
  • ​Self learning package​ 7000.0

    Get the material designed and developed by IITian Mentors.

    • 70+ hours of Video lectures (​​Online & DVD​ access​)
    • Printed study material (Notes)​
    • 10​0+ Online practice tests with ​3​000+​ questions​
    • Valid till 1st March 2017​
    • Doubt support via email
    • Five Mock tests​

Why should you learn from ufaber?

Other Classes Ufaber course
Classroom size Crowded classrooms No classroom, Its just you!
Personal attention Not possible at all 1 to 1 learning
Faculty quality Good, if you are lucky or rich! Best faculty for everyone
Accesibility Waste a lot of time and energy in travelling to the class No travelling, anytime anywhere access.
Content quality You hardly get any content High quality content in video format
Teaching style Varies from teacher to teacher Well researched teaching methodology
Revision time No time for revision in the class Learn and revise at your own pace, everyday!
Flexbility Very rigid system Completely customized as per your needs
Study planning and discipline Its upto you! Its on us!

Student Testimonials

  • I appeared for GATE 2015 and have calls from the top 5 IITs. When I joined the program, my concepts were very weak and my local coaching centre was not of great quality. Throughout last year, I have followed Himanshu sir and the schedule with discipline and it has changed my life completely. I am also appearing for Engineering Services exam now. This course opened a lot of career opportunties.

    Adarsh Srivastava

  • The course acted as a life saver for me. I only had 3 months to prepare and was staying in my home town so no place to study. This course has great teacher, great study material and most important, great online help!


  • I am a mechanical engineer from IIT Bombay. When my cousin asked me to train for GATE ME, I was obliged to help, but had lost touch to concepts. When I looked for courses I could recommend to him, I stumbled upon the UFaber course. Interestingly, this course was also prepared by IIT Bombay Alumni of 2004 batch my seniors. I analyzed the course closely, and I can proudly say, this is by far the most concise, filtered and effective content on Mechanical Engineering available online in India.

    Malladi Vishwakant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to enroll for the course?
    You can enroll for this course by making an online payment or choose a cash on delivery option. After payment, you shall get a call from our course management team for your orientation on how to get best results from this unique course.
  • How is the course conducted?
    Once you enroll for the course, you are given a weekly study plan to follow. This plan tells you which videos to watch and what questions to practice. Your progress will be constantly reviwed by our team. At the end of every week our course head will conduct a live class and make sure you have met your learning milestones. This process goes on, until your GATE exam.
  • How good is the doubt solving support?
    When you see videos on our portal, just below the video, we have a tool to post doubts. You can post your doubts 24X7, even while you are watching the videos. Your doubt shall be answered in live class. You will also get online chat and email support for your doubts. Best part is, you can access the doubts you asked during a session, any time.
  • What is the role of the mentoring team?
    The mentoring team consists of a student counsellor and the Head Faculty. The faculty shall create your weekly study plan and take your doubt solving classes. The counselor will make sure you are following the study plan, practicing enough and posting your doubts regularly.
  • Why does this course guarantee better results than offline courses?
    This is the only course where there will be two people working on one student. This is the only course where you will be disciplined in your preparation. This is the only course where every second student gets a rank they aim for.
  • Does this course have only videos to learn?
    No, while video is the primary source of teaching, the course comes with study material, online test series, thousands of practice problems.
  • What are live classes? How many live classes do I get?
    Live classes are held online every weekend to solve your doubts and concepts. As a part of this course you get unlimited access of live classes.
  • How is this course better than other courses in getting results?
    The one thing that separates this course is "Personalized attention". You will always have mentors and coaches talking to you at a personal level, making sure you are disciplined in your preparation and give you remedies for your weak areas.
  • Does the course offer any special help just before the exam?
    A month before the exam, our technical team, is available 24X7 on call and online to solve doubts or explain concepts. There are 2 live classes held every week and extra attention is paid on problems solving.
  • Are the mock test online or on paper?
    This course has the functionality of online tests which are timed and have negative marking to give you an exam like environment.