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What will you get?

Over 2 hours of video lectures detailing all you need to know about ESOPs!

Templatize documents used in an ESOP plan

Access to ESOP implementation partners


  • Introduction to ESOPs
    • What are ESOPs?
    • Why do ESOPs matter?
    • Options and shares.
  • How do ESOPs work?
    • What is the ESOP life cycle?
    • What is "cliff","vesting", "exercise"?
    • ESOPs v/s Salary
  • Types of ESOPS
    • What are the different types of ESOPs?
    • How to decide on an ESOP plan?
  • ESOPs for Talent acquisition & retention
    • How to explain the value of ESOPs
    • When are ESOPs offered as part of salary?
    • What is the ideal Equiy : Cash salary ratio?
    • How do ESOP offers change with time?
  • ESOPs during growth and after funding
    • Who do I give ESOPs to, and when?
    • How does decision making, in terms of alloting ESOPs, change?
    • How does ESOPs value change at different stages?
  • Unlocking the ESOPs value
    • What are the possible exit scenarios?
    • What are the returns delivered by the ESOPs ?
  • Legal aspects, documentation & Compliance procedures
    • What are the Disclosures required in the financial statements?
    • How, and when are ESOPs taxable?
    • Who can help with paperwork?

Sample Content

  • Will opting for ESOP make employees rich?

  • How to decide on an equity: cash salaray allocation?

  • The multiple Forms & Species of ESOPs


CA Nikhil Srinivas

Rohit Jain, IIT


  • Enabling ESOPs! 1980.0

    ESOPs help you hire the best & the brightest talent. This course helps you understand their potential!

    • 30+ videos amounting to almost 2 hours of video content.
    • Handouts of each session.
    • Draft documents / Document templates.
    • Lifetime access.

Student Testimonials

  • When i first started my company, i had no idea why, how or to whom, esops should be given, and i used to offer ESOPs to every candidate i interviewed with the hope of hiring him. But then i stumbled upon this amazing course and it helped me realize the value of esops how to effectively use them!

    Nidhi Shetty

  • A challenge i always faced while making an ESOP enabled offer, was to explain the value of an ESOP to an employee! Thanks to this course, i have now managed to hire great talent by showing them the true potential of an ESOP.

    Simran Rao

  • I was in a fix whether to accept a low salary package in return for ESOPs, and thought that this was a dirty trick employed by companies in order to pay less. uFaber's videos showed me the real value and potential of ESOPs and helped me understand this better!

    Richa Salva