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  • Your very own Doll Making kit

  • 20+ doll patterns

  • Doll clothing patterns

  • A platform to sell your projects once you are done with the course.

1. Enroll

This will be your first step into the realm of doll making. You will get the low down on all the tools and materials you need to make dolls like a pro. We provide you with a doll making kit to get you on your way as well.

2. Designing your Doll

In this module, we teach you how to design your own pattern from scratch. Also, we go over the types of fabrics best suited to doll making.

3. Assembling your Doll

Here we move on to assembling your doll. All the parts you have worked on separately come together. Here we also teach you the basics of social media marketing and help you set up a facebook store if you like.

4. Finishing

Here we give your dolls their own hairstyle, clothing face and other features and accessories.

Noora D'Mello - The Happy Crafter

This Fabric toy making course is the first of it’s kind in India, and the first in a long line of fabric and needle crafts to be launched by uFaber. This course has been lovingly prepared by Noora D’Mello, an handmade art and craft aficionado and enthusiast. She has spent countless hours imagining what you would like to learn and Viola! A doll design course to please the masses. Happy to hear from you always, you can get in touch with her at

Standard track

  • In this package you will get the basic doll making kit and,
  • Skype lessons from your personal mentor.
  • Your very own copy of, The Doll makers Guide- The complete guide to Doll making
  • Additional doll making patterns as you progress in the course
  • Whatsapp discussion forum
  • You will have the freedom to choose the fabric for the clothing yourself.