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What do you get in this course?

Guaranteed Job

Practical Training

Personal Mentor

High Quality Video Content

Anywhere Anytime Learning

Certificate by ufaber

What do you learn?

  • Phase 1: Practical Training
  • Introduction to eCommerce?
  • ECommerce Business process
  • Marketplace models
  • Listing and merchandising
  • Order processing and packaging
  • Logistics
  • Customer Support
  • Taxation
  • Microsoft excel and other software tools
  • Communication skills
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Phase 2: Specialization
  • Cataloging in eCommerce
  • Sourcing and Inventory management
  • Pricing and Promotion
  • Duration: 2 weeks

  • Phase 3: Internship
  • 1 Week of practical internship at e-commerce seller in your city
Who is it for?

Job Seekers:
Start your career with booming eCommerce industry.

Start your boutique business with minimum investment.

Existing Business Owners:
Take your business online to multiply the growth.

Online Sellers:
Learn the best practices without investment much time and money.

Sample Content

  • What is E-commerce?

  • How to start an E commerce Business 1

  • Myths and Facts about E commerce


Nikhil Jain - Entrepreneur, IIT Bombay

Hitesh Aswani - Star seller on Flipkart

Vardhan phadnis - VP Shoptimize

Pricing and course details

Over 8 hours of well researched Video content, Handouts and assignments.

One week of pratical internship at a seller in your city.

Guaranteed Job
Guaranteed placement with Online sellers or eCommerce companies.

Personal Mentor
Learn at your own pace with the help from personal mentor

Get Certified by uFaber

2 weeks of intensive training for specialization in one key area.

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Student Testimonial

I am happy to get the access of this course. The way things are explained is really good and I recommend the course to everybody who want to get into ecommerce.
Abhishek Upadhaya

This course really helps in understanding the process of eCommerce and various business models in industry. The mentors are great and quite helpful.
Nitin Gupta

This is one of the best online courses that I have seen. Highly recommended for all marketplace sellers or freshers who want to get into ecommerce.
Shikha Dhami

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would this course help in increasing my sales on flipkart?
    Yes, the course will give you a comprehensive understanding of how eCommerce works and that would definitely help in getting more business.
  • Why there is a need of course on eCommerce?
    eCommerce is fairly a new industry and there is hardly any training on this industry in curricula. You might learn the tricks of the trades by spending lots of time and money or by better education.
  • Does this course only help in understanding Flipkart?
    No, the course covers all the possible models of eCommerce and is useful for every online seller.
  • What’s the benefit of certification from Flipkart?
    Flipkart is the eCommerce leader in India and if you have the certificate from the industry leader, you are way ahead of the crowd.
  • How does the mentor support work?
    When you enroll in the mentor driven program, you get an expert mentor assigned for monitoring your progress and solve your doubts. This definitely helps in better understanding of the subject.
  • How do you help in creating the business plan for my business?
    Your personal mentor understands your specific requirements and designs a template for your business. The mentor asks you the questions that you must know about your business and helps you getting the right answers to those questions.
  • Who are the mentors?
    Mentors are industry professionals who have vast experience on online business.