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What will you get?

High Quality Video Content

Fun-learning and engaging experience

One on one sessions with Personal Mentor

Anytime anywhere learning

Relevant content


  • Spoken English 4000.0
    • Group discussions
    • Presenting an idea
    • Presenting concepts to clients.
    • Negotiating a deal.
    • Conducting one-on-one meetings.
    • Team meetings.
    • Farewell speech.
    • Appreciating others.
  • Writing English
    • Email writing.
    • Minutes of the meeting.
    • Progress report.
    • Work delegation.
    • Solving queries over mails.
    • Creating Daily Report.
    • Review writing.
    • Idea proposal.

Sample Content

  • Elementary - Greetings
  • How to conduct a team meeting
  • Agreeing and Disagreeing

How do you want to learn?

This package is the complete program to help train in English language and communication skills from scratch. You get the following services in this course.

  • Basic Track 4000.0
    • A senior faculty as a personal trainer who will take 22 sessions of half an hour each on phone/Skype at your convenient time.
    • 20+ videos on Grammar and correct sentence formation
    • A collection of 20+ Vocabulary and phrases
    • 24 speaking and role play activities.
    • 25+ writing handouts for practice.
  • Standard Track
    • A senior faculty as a personal trainer who will take 44 sessions of half an hour each on phone/Skype at your convenient time.
    • 20+ videos on Grammar and correct sentence formation
    • A collection of 40+ Vocabulary and phrases
    • 45+ speaking and role play activities
    • 50+ writing handouts for practice

What all is covered?

  • Payment options:

    You can pay online for the course or use our cash on delivery feature, for the course.
  • Calling charges:

    All the prices are inclusive of calling charges. We call you to take classes, and to resolve your doubts.
  • Class timings:

    You are assigned a mentor as per your convinience, between 8am to 9pm, after you enroll in the classes. Once the timings are decided upon, you will be mentored at same time for the rest of the course timeline.

Why should you learn from ufaber?

Other Classes Ufaber course
Classroom size Crowded classrooms No classroom, Its just you!
Personal attention Not possible at all 1 to 1 learning
Faculty quality Good, if you are lucky or rich! Best faculty for everyone
Accesibility Waste a lot of time and energy in travelling to the class No travelling, anytime anywhere access.
Content quality You hardly get any content High quality content in video format
Teaching style Varies from teacher to teacher Well researched teaching methodology
Revision time No time for revision in the class Learn and revise at your own pace, everyday!
Flexbility Very rigid system Completely customized as per your needs
Study planning and discipline Its upto you! Its on us!

Student Testimonials

  • I would like to express my appreciation for Ufaber .They provide highly qualified and experienced trainers, individual attention, structured module; everything on one platform. Great going! keep it up!!

    Nidhi Gupta

  • I knew a bit about grammar, but I was mostly lacking in confidence. I was not able to speak fluently. I wanted to search for an institution that could help me speak fluently, and then I found uFaber. The only thing I would say is that uFaber helped me get confidence and understand English grammar. I took class for one and half month, now I know how to speak. The important thing is that they provide expert teachers according and customize the content according to the students. Also, you will find illustrated things in writing materials that is helpful while understanding the concept.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will my classes take place?
    Your classes are divided into three parts: before the session, during the session and after the session. Before the session, you will watch the video. Your trainer will send you reading or listening material which you would read before the session. At the allotted time, the trainer will give you a call and conduct speaking activities. After the session is over, the trainer will send you the home assignment, which must be completed within half an hour.
  • How will I get my study material everyday?
    The trainer will send you the study material one day prior to your session everyday.
  • How can I apply for one day’s leave?
    You need to inform your trainer about your absence.
  • How many leaves am I allowed to take?
    As part of the company policy, you are allowed to take 5 leaves per month. This means, that you get a grace of 5 classes to complete your course.
  • What will happen if I take more than two leaves consecutively?
    Your course will be put on hold which will resume upon your request.
  • How much time do I have to commit to this course?
    To get good results we recommend you to commit one hour to this course every day. This included the time that you spend doing activities, home assignments, watching videos and interacting with the trainer.
  • How qualified are my trainers?
    We can proudly say, we have the most qualified coaches across Asia. Our trainers are authors, lawyers, MBAs, Cambridge certified English Language Trainers who are well respected in their fields.
  • What if I am at a level lower than the beginner's level?
    We have an extremely researched program for you, customized to your level of English. We always have a course that suits your goals.
  • How is this course different from the others in the market?
    This is the only course in India that offers personalized course material. It also provides you with one-on-one training in English. English language is not a subject but a practised skill, just like driving a car or swimming. Hence, a course like ours, which is designed for daily practice of an hour, improves your fluency in English.
  • When will I start seeing the results of my course?
    The first month is the most difficult, because you are learning a lot of things for the first time. You will observe the maximum improvement after the second month of training. The third month onwards, speaking English will come naturally to you.
  • How will the sessions take place?
    You can choose to take the session through phone or Skype. If you want to opt for Skype sessions, make sure your internet speed is good.
  • Can I take any other course after my course is over?
    You can choose a course from array of courses we have especially designed for you. Just log on to and browse through our courses.