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    Video lectures, regular quizzes, weekly live sessions / week, unlimited doubt solving.
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    Don't waste time in crowded classrooms with average trainers. Get your doubts solved by highly qualified trainers.
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  • Fundamentals of Accounting 25 hrs
    • Introduction to accounting
    • Process of accounting
    • BRS
    • Inventories
    • Depreciation
    • Final accounts
    • Special Transactions
    • Partnership accounts
    • Company accounts
  • Mercantile Laws 7 hrs
    • Contract act
    • Sale of goods act
    • Partnership act
  • Quantitative Aptitude 25 hrs
    • Ratios
    • Equations
    • Inequalities
    • Simple and compound interest
    • Permutation & combination
    • Sequence & series - AP & GP
    • Sets, functions & relations
    • Limits & Continuity
    • Differentiation & Integration
    • Statistics
    • Mean median mode
    • Correlation & Regression
    • Distributions
    • Sampling theory
    • Index numbers
  • General Economics 8 hrs
    • Introduction to Micro Economics
    • Theory of Demand & Supply
    • Theory of Production & Cost
    • Types of Market & Price determination

Sample Content

  • Introduction to Joint Venture

  • Distinguishing Joint Venture from Partnership

  • Accounting when separate set of books are maintained


Nikhil Srinivas

Nikhil is a chartered accountant whose organized methodology of learning helped him become a chartered accountant in his very first attempt. Nikhil joins us from KPMG, where he was known for his razor sharp skills in fraud detection. Here, his passion for spreading knowledge has helped in taking CA coaching to a level never seen before in India. The gap in the existing teaching methodology was identified by our team of Chartered Accountants, CFAs & IITians after extensive research, and Nikhil and his team have tried to bridge this gap, whilst taking learning and coaching to the next level.

How do you want to learn?

This is the most comprehensive course that covers all the topics as per the latest syllabus for CA CPT.
  • Guided Package 9000.0

    This package is the complete program to help you prepare for CPT from scratch for accounts, law, quants and economics. You get following services in this course.

    • 65+ hours of Video content
    • 1 hour/week of Personal Mentoring
    • Quizzes & Regular assessments
    • Unlimited doubt solving in real time
    • Mock tests
    • 1 Live sessions every week
    • Past Exam papers


  • Self Study Package 6500.0

    This package includes fundamentals of accounting program to help you prepare for accounts from scratch. You get following services in this package.

    • 65+ hours of Video content
    • Quizzes & Regular assessments
    • Mock Tests
    • 1 Live session every week


Why should you learn from ufaber?

Other Classes Ufaber course
Classroom size Crowded classrooms No classroom, Its just you!
Personal attention Not possible at all 1 to 1 learning
Faculty quality Good, if you are lucky or rich! Best faculty for everyone
Accesibility Waste a lot of time and energy in travelling to the class No travelling, anytime anywhere access.
Content quality You hardly get any content High quality content in video format
Teaching style Varies from teacher to teacher Well researched teaching methodology
Revision time No time for revision in the class Learn and revise at your own pace, everyday!
Flexbility Very rigid system Completely customized as per your needs
Study planning and discipline Its upto you! Its on us!

Student Testimonials

  • This course gave me flexibility & the personal mentor made even the toughtest concepts crystal clear. If you hail from a small town and plan to study for CPT online, ufaber's course is undoubtedly the one to opt for.

    Dhaval Gala

  • Amazing conceptual clarity & 24x7 support from ufaber! This is one course I turn to, when I fail to understand anything in class.

    Vinod Nair

  • I had the privilege to review this course content for a nephew of mine who was attempting his CPT examination in June 2015. I have to say that this is by far the best online tutoring programme for CA aspirants !

    Saurabh Rane

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be taught in this course?
    The course is taught using a combination of video lectures, online coaching.
  • How are these videos better than the classroom teaching?
    Problem solving comprises of a major portion of Classroom teaching, and important concepts tend to be skimmed through, due to the large batch size and time restrictions. Also, it is not possible to attend the lectures that have been missed in the classroom teaching whereas, the online videos can be viewed multiple times.
  • Does the course come with any kind of study material?
    Yes, you would be emailed a word copy of the reference notes for the sessions
  • Do I get any questions bank or practice problems?
  • Is problem solving also taught through videos?
  • What if I have doubts in solving questions?
    You can ask these Doubts any time during the day. However, queries raised after working hours, would be resovled on the next day, on a priority basis
  • What time of the day can I ask doubts?
    Doubts can be asked at any time during the day. However, queries raised after working hours, would be resovled on the next day, on a priority basis.
  • What if I have a doubt at midnight?
    You may ask the doubt. The answer would be provided, the next morning.
  • Can I take this course if I have already joined a coaching class?
    Yes. This course is customised to suit the students needs. If you have already enrolled in the coaching class, your daily involvement online could be reduced a little. The coaching class shall complement what you would learn in the online lectures.
  • How does this course offers a better chance to clear CPT?
    This course has been designed keeping in mind the requirement of even a below average student. The study plan is customised, and is unique to every student, therebyoptimising the performance of the student.
  • How many hours do I have devote every day?
    You would need to devote around 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours on a daily basis
  • Is there a routine or study plan that will be given to me?
  • Who will be the teachers for weekend live sessions?
    The teachers shall be existing chartered accountants/Lawyers/ eminent economists / or any other experts from the relevant field, all of whom are driven by a passion for spreading knowledge.
  • What kind of teacher will clear my doubts 24X7?
    Solution videos shall be developed by people holding an expertise in the subject matter.
  • Will you help in registration?
    Guidance shall be provided on the relevant dates for registration for the course and the examination. The actual process of registration would have to be done by the student.
  • What if I don’t have a good net connection?
    You can opt to receive the course content in CDs / Pendrives.
  • What if I want more contact hours with mentor?
    The mentor will spend 1 hour with you every week. You can get more hours at an additional cost.
  • Are there any live classes as part of the course?
    Yes, there would be 1 live sessions every week.