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Amazon Trained eCommerce Specialist

Become an eCommerce specialist and get certified by
Amazon & uFaber

What do you get in this program?

Complete training on
Amazon platform

Personal trainer

High Quality video

Anytime, anywhere learning

Certificate by Amazon
and uFaber

Earning opportunities
via freelance/job

What do you learn?

Introduction to eCommerce

  • e-Commerce business process
  • Marketplace Models
  • Listing & Merchandising
  • Order processing & packaging
  • Logistics
  • Customer Support
  • Taxation

Introduction to ATES

  • ATES Seller Services
  • ATES Seller Acquisition
  • Sales Pitch
  • Selling on Amazon - Registration
  • Process
  • Listing Products.
  • Managing Seller Account
  • Payment Process

Soft skills

  • Verbal Communication skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Freelancing skills

Basic MS excel

  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Ribbon
  • Formula Bar
  • Spreadsheet Grid
  • Status Bar

Who is this for?

Job seekers

Start your career with booming eCommerce industry.


Start your boutique business with minimum investment.

Existing Business Owners

Take your business online to multiply the growth.

Online Sellers

Learn the best practices without investing much time and money.

Sample Content

  • What is E-commerce?

  • Become a seller on Amazon

  • Enter Account Setting on Amazon

  • Pricing and course details

    INR 7,500

    Have Queries?

    Frequently asked questions

    • Am I working for Amazon or the Seller?
      You are a consultant offering your services to businesses on Amazon helps you get trained and certified so that you can offer high quality services to such businesses.
    • Will Amazon connect me to sellers? Or will I need to find them myself?
      • For seller acquisition: you need to find sellers yourself.
      • For seller services: Amazon may provide you the leads as and when it has any.
    • Can I charge the sellers basis my pricing?
      • For seller acquisition: you get paid by Amazon at Amazon decided slabs.
      • For seller services: You are free to negotiate your pricing with the seller.
    • What is my payment schedule?
      • For seller acquisition: You need to create an account with our payment partner and payments will be made on or before 14th of every month for all sellers launched between 1st to 31st of the previous month
      • For seller services: You can set your own payment terms and payment mode with the seller.
    • Do I need to be present at the Seller’s office? Or can I work remotely?
      There are some activities for which sellers may need you on-site. Other activities can be done remotely.
    • What are the additional terms of payments for new seller launches?
      • For all sellers with > 30 buyable listings on the last day of launch + 1 month, you will earn additional INR 500 per seller; to be paid in the next cycle
      • All sellers who have cancellation rate < 2% on the last day of launch + 1 month, you will earn additional INR 200 per seller (not to be paid for sellers without shipped order)
      • For all sellers that have < 10 buyable listings on the last day of launch +1 month, Amazon will deduct amount paid for that seller from the next payment cycle
    • How much can I expect to earn?
      • For seller acquisition:
        • If you launch 30 sellers in a month, You can earn 3200 X 30 = INR 96000/-
        • If you launch 5 sellers in a month, You can earn 2500 X 5 = INR 12500/-
      • For seller services: you are free to charge a seller based on your pricing, your earning potential is solely up to the quality of service that you will provide.
    • What is the maximum amount that I can earn per seller?
      Per sellers you can earn INR 6400/-. (Launch the seller with > 30 SKUs in MFN; ensure that the seller has > 30 SKUs by the last day of the next month; ensure that his cancellation rate is < 2%; launch the same seller in FBA with at least 20 of those SKUs; 3200+500+200+2500)
    • What will be my total earning in a month if I launch 5 sellers with 12 SKUs in July and grow 1 of these sellers to have 40 SKUs by August?
      Total earning will be INR 9500/- (INR 1800 X 5 = 9000 + 500). INR 9000/- paid in August and INR 500 paid in September.
    • How much can I expect to earn?
      Depending on the amount of effort you put in to this program and the quality of service you provide the sellers, you can earn as much as you desire. There are no upper limits / caps on the payment from this program.
    • Are there any penalty clauses?
      In case any seller does not have 10 SKUs live on the last day of the next month of launch, we will deduct the corresponding payment from the subsequent payment cycle. Please ensure that all your sellers have at least 10 SKUs live on the last day of the next month of launch to avoid any deduction.